What is Retail in Detail / Fresh Food 2020?

Our retail market is now very saturated and highly competitive. The key battle for customer favor is taking place in the assortment of fresh foods. There still hides huge untapped potential. Whoever discovers it will profit from it.

Consumers make it clear that they are interested in the quality, origin and health aspects of the food they consume. This is especially true for fresh foods. But how do you persuade them to pay an adequate price? What can retailers, farmers and food processors do to improve the supply on our market? How to work together?

If you are looking for answers to these questions, you should already put the date 11/11/20 in your calendar. Or you can register now for the best price for the specialized conference Retail in Detail / Fresh Food 2020!

Program includes:

  • Renowned market analysts, managers and specialists from commercial, food and agricultural companies
  • Representatives of suppliers of solutions supporting the development of the fresh food market
  • Case studies with an emphasis on innovative approaches to fresh food sales
  • “Marketplace” - space for introducing your products and technologies to key market players

Who is the audience?

  • All types of retail companies that offer fresh food
  • Major players of the horeca sector
  • Their suppliers, ie primary producers, processors and distributors of fresh food
  • Providers of services and technologies for the sale, distribution, processing and logistics of fresh food
  • Advisors, researchers and, last but not least, media representatives

    Our attendants come from:


    Successful retail business is based on a number of details, i. e. "Retail is Detail". That's why we have launched a series of specialized Retail in Detail conferences that follow the annual Retail Summit but they have a more intimate character that allows detailed analysis and discussion of hot topics and challenges.

    Retail in Detail is based on the current business needs taking part usually two to three times a year. In the past, it has dealt with a number of hot topics including shopper marketing, expansion of convenience stores, developing fresh goods, increasing loyalty in retail, and e-commerce in food sales.

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